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Vital Dashcam

The Vital Dashcam Is The Ultimate Security Weapon For Drivers And Car Owners. The Camera Records HD Video So You Can Come Up With The Evidence If Someone Is Framing You In False Accusations. The Most Reliable Product To Capture Road Footage.  

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What is Vital DashCam?

Vital Dashcam Camera

The Vital Dashcam is a high-end dashboard camera known for its excellent video recording and stability features. The device even comes with all the expensive features a wide-angle lens, loop recording, and the worthiest feature is exceptional night vision and G-sensor technology.

Now it has become an inevitable part of our journeys to be recorded in videos so nobody can make false accusations on you. Drivers globally have embraced the Vital Dashcam due to its exceptional and reliable quality in shooting meticulous and detailed footage.

The gadget has gathered a positive response and drivers globally have embraced this premium dashboard camera. The highlights of this product are already discussed like the wide-focal point, complete circle recording, inbuilt G-sensor, and advanced night vision recording.

Now it’s been over the world to have crucial and solid evidence in your hands or pockets. They are necessary for your safety on the road or while on the journey. The most loved thing about this premium camera is the pricing. It offers all the expensive features but at an inexpensive price. 

Also, these videos are enough to make your insurance claims successful when the company is trying to delay or prove you wrong. Therefore, it has become the first choice of drivers and vehicle owners.

Vital DashCam Reviews

I got these for my 2 new teen drivers and couldn't be happier. The kids know that at any time I can pull out the chip and see how they are driving, AND should they ever get in an accident, there is forward looking proof of what happened. This unit was easy to set up and install. The picture quality is very good facing forward. It hangs right behind the mirror, but low enough so that you can see it and remember that it's there (I want the driver to notice if it's missing).


Happy Camper

- Brandon Cloud

I've had this in my car for about 2 months now and it works great! I love that it turns on and off on its own when I start or turn my car off, so it is literally no work once you get it set up. The suction is heavy duty and this thing is extremely secure to my windshield. It could have better night vision, especially since I drive on a lot of badly lit rural roads, but you can still see what is in front of you clearly enough. I have not had a reason to take any recordings off of the memory card, so I cannot review that aspect of this camera, yet.


Best Purchase of the Year!

- Leo Roberts

I have used $300 Dash Cameras and then I bought this (yes the $300 one stopped working in just 9 months). It has all the features + the G-Sensor that the $300 brand name camera didn't have! Works well, and have been using it for about 3 months - no issues. Make the smart choice and don't spend on overpriced dash cameras - TruView Pro does the job and also does it better!


Make the Smart Choice

- Zach S.

Who knew this was all possible in one camera … Quality video, night vision, motion detect, g-sensor. And since getting it, I have had the use of all these features, and they work perfectly! No issues since I installed it in both my cars! Great product!


It’s so useful!

- Mark W.


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Exceptional Features of Vital DashCam

  • G-Sensor Inbuilt

    Any dashcam without a G-sensor is invaluable unless it is equipped with it. It’s a crucial part of recording cameras, especially for dashcams. The G-sensor is an accelerometer that registers values based on the force applied during an impact.

    Therefore, it protects the recorded footage and moves it into the folder where it can’t be overwritten or flashed once the pre-set value is reached. The Vital Dashcam is equipped with the latest G-sensor version that adds multiple layers of safety while you drive or on your journeys.
  • Ultra-sharp Night Vision

    Many drivers drive at night, even truck owners or heavy vehicle owners want to keep a record of their drivers. Here comes our dashcam to help them because the camera is equipped with ultra-sharp vision. It can record ultra-clear videos at night or dark.

    It delivers reliable performance in low-light areas or situations. One of the primary benefits of installing a dashcam with night vision is you will have improved visibility in low-light conditions. Here you get the potential of capturing clear and sharp footage in the dark.
  • Wide-angle Lens and Circle Recording

    Even experts suggest and recommend buying a dashcam that supports the field of view (FOV). You can capture more of the road and surroundings using a wide-angle focal point. You have more evidential help with such video recordings.

    The Vital Dashcam is already engineered with a wide-angle lens to capture more of the road and surroundings. Not just the wide-angle lens, but also the camera supports circle recordings. The camera itself overwrites old footage to ensure persistent recording with the help of this cool feature inbuilt.
  • GPS Function with Double Cameras

    Due to the built-in GPS in this dashcam, the dashcam also records the speed information and location data. Along with that, it offers context to the recorded footage allowing you to a more solid and reliable evidence whenever you need it.

    The bouncy ball engages adults and kids in sports and influences physical activity. An essential part of our life is staying physically active. As you see, the Cosmic Globe is compatible with kids, teens, and adults.
  • Emergency or Crisis Button

    The Vital Dashcam offers you the benefit of capturing or saving pivotal footage just by pressing a button called the emergency record or crisis button in this camera. It happens many times that we need to save a particular footage, but that requires going into settings and more to do so. It’s not the case when you have the Vital Dashcam installed because of its unique and premium features.


Vital Dashcam Price
30 days money back guarantee

30 Days 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

The Vital Dashcam will be available for you to test out for 30-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. It camera may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Reasons to Love Vital DashCam

  1. Ultimate Safety and Evidential Help: Evidence can even shut the mouth of courts and you know it better. If you have solid evidence nobody can prove you wrong. Here’s the Vital Dashcam to help you record the solid evidence comprehensively. Record your journeys or trips comprehensively to prevent any false accusations about yourself.
  2. Makes it Easy for Insurance Claim: Insurance companies never want their customers to ask for a claim. They do every possible thing to prove you wrong or guilty of the same. They’ll have to accept your claim somehow once you have solid evidence, especially the video evidence of any incident you asked for the claim.
  3. Keep Yourself and Your Loved Ones Safe: Be it private vehicles or commercial, safety is prior. The Vital Dashcam helps you do so by capturing ultra-sharp and constant video. The driver even your vehicle is safe in this way and prevents you from any kind of fraud or scammers.
  4. Ultra-clear Videos in the Dark: There are millions of cases that happen at night with drivers. They were caught in false accusations due to lack of evidence. But you have this premium camera that records ultra-clear footage in dark or low-light conditions. Be it night or day, the camera and its recording quality will exceed your expectations.
  5. Captures Scenes or Sceneries: While travelling or during the journey, there are sceneries that you want to capture on your phone. The point is that it can put you and your family in danger if you start using your phone while driving. Worry not! The Vital Dashcam also captures scenic drives and other unexpected events while on journeys or trips.

Installation or Setup

The device is a crucial gadget for every vehicle running on the road. Yes, there are complexities in the installation or setting it up because you will have to visit the service centre or car mechanic for the installation of Vital Dashcam.

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The Vital Dashcam is a compact, in-car camera designed to record your driving experiences. It's a crucial device for ensuring road safety, documenting accidents, and capturing memorable moments while on the road.

he Vital Dashcam easily mounts on your vehicle's windshield and continuously records video as you drive. It stores the footage on a memory card, allowing you to review it later or use it as evidence in case of accidents or disputes.

It is available through For a limited time, we offer three discounted packages: Basic Device - $49.

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